ION Security incorporated is the 1st & only security company in Canada to intergate zero emission (net zero) fully electric vehicles. Breathe easy knowing our entire mobile patrol fleet is global conscience. ION Security is proud to eliminate carbon emission pollution while we work. Ion security mobile patrol unit deploys to all of ontario, we ensure our security personnel keep property safe and secure. Our mobile patrol unit exceeds our clients expectations & ion security is proud to set the standard high. At the core of our success is sustainability, ion mobile patrol response unit provides fast & effective live property monitoring. ION Security team is knowledgeable use of tactical expert skills to enforce the safety & security of all locations. We provide executive professional service & our proactive approach to safety & security highlights our profesional success.


ION Security offers simple solutions to parking violation. Frequent parking regulation violations impact property fairness. ION Security will enforce zero tolerance loitering parking systems, ticket issue of warning to parking violators, contact parking enforcement, vehicle towing, improve visitor pass systems.